Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lost Lake Week

The 4th Grade will be leaving for Lost Lake on Monday, May 23rd.
Students and their gear need to be brought to school the morning of May 23rd by 8:12 AM.
Students cannot ride the bus with their sleeping bags and clothes. There is not enough room on the bus. We will leave for Lost Lake around 9:30 AM. Each day there will be presenters, outdoor recreation and cultural activities. Our camp cook for the week is Colleen Leskinen. Chaperones for the week are: Ms. Armstrong-Montes, Nurse Betsy, Bus Driver-Randy Hertenstein, and Morgan and Ben Flores. Family Night Dinner will be at 6 PM on Thursday, May 26th. Maps to Camp Ortoha at Lost Lake have been sent home with students and are available in the School Office. We will leave Lost Lake about 10 AM on Friday, May 27th to return to school. Students and their gear may be picked up from school after 1:30 PM on Friday, May 27th. 4th Graders at Nespelem School have been going to Lost Lake for a week of outdoor and cultural education for over 30 years.


  1. Your design choice is growing on me -- I really like it. Thirty years... oh my, would that mean you have been their every year?

  2. Hi -
    Ms. Edwards mentioned you were blogging and I thought I'd stop by...
    I like your design choice - it is very calming. I also like all the information you gave to your parents. Sometimes when blogging it is helpful to leave a link to another site (for visitors like me who do not know about Lost Lake but would like to!).
    I am assuming your students are going to an overnight camp. When I was in grade 6 we went to camp and it remained with me forever.
    Thank you for sharing your blog and for providing such a great experience for your students!

  3. Congratulations on your new blog. I hope you enjoy blogging. There are so many objectives that can be met on a blog. This year I worked on what I wanted for my blog. I was part of a blogging challenge with Sheri and Nancy C and many other awesome educators. I've been learning something new every day!

    Now I have two blogs--one for my class and one for my teacher reflections.

    Denise Krebs

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging. I am a member of Sheri's PLN and saw a tweet about teachers at her school that have started blogging. Congratulations!

    I started my class blog in August of 2009 as a way to celebrate projects we were doing in our classroom. Then decided I needed a professional blog where I could reflect on educational issues or share a great resource with others, so I started that one in the summer of 2009.

    This year I have had all of my 4th graders blogging using kidblog.org. They have really enjoyed the experience, especially when they get comments.

    Your trip sounds wonderful. I wish we did something like this for our 4th graders. Have a fantastic time. And keep blogging.

  5. What a fun excursion you have planned. It is the perfect springboard for blogging! Take lots of pictures and share them when you return.

    Welcome to the blogging world! I teach in Saskatchewan, Canada, and have also recently started blogging about teaching. Best of luck to you!

  6. I like that you told where your class is going and what they need to bring with them to Lost Lake. I wonder if the lake is lost? I was in your class last year. I am Run and you may know me because I had a Scarf on my head. I hope you have fun. Some internet safety rules are to not give a real name, not to tell where you live, not to give out any personal information, & your password should be 8 letters long. Welcome to the internet world where you blog your writing dreams.

  7. It sounds like a lot of stuff. I remember when I went there. It was lots of fun.You should take pictures because it would be "gooood" to see your experience at Lost lake.

  8. One thing you should not use your real name. Its just not safe. We have to use a code because we don't want to get a virus and be identified. You told about Iost Lake and you said who what when were and why.